Angela Simmons is reeling from a broken promise made to her by longtime friend, possible love interest and business partner, Romeo Miller.

The two, who are “producing partners”on WE tv’s Growing Up Hip Hop: New York, which returns on Thursday night, are on the outs after Miller began ignoring her, she claimed in a new interview.

“This season things just kind of went left,” she said of their relationship in an interview on The Breakfast Club.

Simmons said the trouble began after Miller made a promise that he couldn’t keep.

“After everything happen with me and my child’s father and what happened with my son, he was like, ‘I’m going to be there for you,’ and he said this on TV,” Simmons said, referencing the fatal shooting of Sutton Tennyson, her former fiancé and the father of her 3-year-old of the same name.

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Last year, Tennyson was found dead in his house’s garage by police. Authorities charged Michael Williams with murder among other charges, TMZ reported, as they believe he’s the man who fled Tennyson’s home after an intense argument in the driveway led to several rounds of gunfire. Still, Williams’ lawyer has denied the allegations that he shot and killed Tennyson.

“If you say that—and I don’t care if we’re filming or not—really mean that because that really means a lot to me especially with what I have on my plate,” Simmons continued Tuesday. “And to me he didn’t step up at all. I don’t expect nobody to do nothing for me; that’s fine, but he didn’t step up.”

Back in November, Simmons remembered Tennyson on the anniversary of his death.

“Sutton, you left us exactly a year ago today,” she began in a lengthy Instagram caption. “I want to let you know your baby boy is flourishing, he’s growing. He’s everything you knew he’d be and even more. I look at him everyday….and I see you so much. You’d be so proud of him. The way I’m proud of him.”

Simmons added that her son “talks” about his father “before bed,” before concluding that the two “miss” him.

The daughter of hip hop icon Rev. Run also revealed in the Breakfast Club interview that the two “hung a lot” when she first moved to Los Angeles.

Hopefully the two longtime friends can repair their relationship, but first Miller has to respond. Simmons said “til this day” she hasn’t heard from her business partner.

“I don’t know” what he’s mad about, she added.

We’ll have to wait and see when Growing Up Hip Hop: New York returns on Thursday night at 9 p.m. ET/PT on we TV.


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