New year, new Angela Simmons! The mom has confirmed that she is single.

Simmons discussed her new relationship status and her intentions for 2018 in an Instagram post on Dec. 29.

“I can truly say that this year has made me stronger,” she wrote. “Well, I recognized my strength to walk away from what isn’t healthy for me. I faced my biggest fears this year. And from that, I am open to my new life and evolving.”

She continued: “I truly have seen and been through some stuff that I know tons of women go through. And I speak up to let you know there’s hope. All of those who are single mothers that are hurting that want to give up .. Don’t! Also don’t stay somewhere that you aren’t valued. And don’t allow anyone to treat you less than what you are.”

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Rumors of Simmons’ split from ex-fiancé Sutton Tennyson have been around for a few months. The pair got engaged April 2016 and welcomed a son, Sutton, the following September, but Tennyson has been noticeably absent from Simmons’ social media pages for a while.

The couple also threw a lavish baby shower prior to welcoming Sutton, which included a three-tiered cake and blue and white decor. 

Simmons says the decision to face the truth about her life was not easy, but she is ready to face the world head-on.

“It’s not easy to face my truth in front of this cold world,” she wrote on Instagram. “But I face it with pride because I got through this and will get through it all! Protect yourself !!! Take the steps you need to make sure you are really happy!! Really happy inside. Not just a smile. Not just waking up to another day. But loving the day you are waking up in. I don’t speak down to anyone. But I speak to free myself from my past. I’m ready to turn the page and ready to uplift anyone who needs uplifting along the way! 2018 … I can’t wait to meet you.”