Hairstyle File: Angela Simmons Talks New Hair Extensions Line
Natasha Hatendi
It’s a very rare day when you catch Angela Simmons out-and-about without her hair in tip-top shape. A frontrunner on red carpets coast to coast, Simmons has made a name for herself as one of the hottest tress trendsetters, so much so, that she recently launched her own line of hair extensions. The name of the line is Bikini, an ode to one of the places where Simmons feels her hair extensions look their best. “It’s the kind of hair you wear to the beach because you can jump in the water with it and you’re good,” Simmons tells “It’s curly and it’s wavy all in one. It’s really effortless.” By combining two different textures, the Bikini Hair Collection offers weave-wearers a never-before-seen texture that combines two sassy looks in one. The extensions are available on wefts in lengths of 12″-24.” “It’s a brand new texture on the market and it’s premium hair,” said Ericka Dotson, co-owner & creative director of Indique Hair which patterned with Simmons to create the line. “It’s a mixture of natural Indian wavy and the steam curled texture. It’s an innovative process that we use at Indique. Usually women will take two different textures and put them together themselves but the Bikini hair gives two textures in one step.” Simmons—who admitted she stays fly because she “lives” in a hair salon— says creating her own extensions is right in line with her adventurous taste in hair. “I like to change it up a lot,” said Simmons. “One week I’ll be blond and the next week I’ll be jet black. It’s fun to just be a woman and change it up whenever you want. Hair is an accessory for me.” Simmons’ limited edition Bikini Hair Collection will be sold exclusively online at Indiqe Hair and ranges in price from $210 -$305 per tube. In honor of her new business venture, take a look at some of Simmons’ juiciest hairstyles over the years! hairstyle-file-angela-simmons-launch-icon


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