Amber Rose And Wiz Khalifa's Son Bash Had The Best Superhero Themed Birthday Ever

Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa's son Sebastian Taylor Thomaz officially turns four on Tuesday, but the family celebrated Bash's birthday over the long weekend with an epic superhero party. The proud parents shared photos from Bash's big event full of fun, cake, superheroes and a bunch of his best celebrity buds. Check out the adorable photos below.

Sydney Scott Feb, 21, 2017

1 of 11 Kevin Wong // Amber Rose/Instagram

Bash impressed everyone at the party with his dance moves. 

2 of 11 Kevin Wong // Amber Rose/Instagram

The birthday boy played around with buddy King Cairo.

3 of 11 Kevin Wong // Amber Rose/Instagram

Bash does his best Birdman hands while opening gifts. 

4 of 11 Kevin Wong // Amber Rose/Instagram

Bash dances around with his mom and dad. 

5 of 11 rand0mbrand0n/Amber Rose/Instagram

The birthday boy was an adorable Joker, who had a bit of a sweet tooth. 

6 of 11 Kevin Wong // Amber Rose/Instagram

A superhero cake for Amber and Wiz's little superhero. What did you wish for, Bash?!

7 of 11 rand0mbrand0m/Amber Rose/Instagram

Wiz, Bash, and Amber being family goals with cute pic. 

8 of 11 Amber Rose/Instagram

Bash's birthday was full of friendly faces with the 4-year-old hanging out with King Cairo and Diddy twin daughters, D'Lila and Jessie.

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The family shows off their guns. 

10 of 11 Amber Rose/Instagram

Catboy poses with catboy.

11 of 11 Wiz Khalifa/Instagram

Wiz gives Bash a giant birthday hug and makes our hearts melt.