Amara La Negra Facts
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Amara La Negra has officially been crowned the breakout star of Love & Hip Hop Miami.

On the reality show, the 27-year-old singer introduces herself as a proud Afro-Latina Dominican with a ton of self-confidence. Born Dana Danelys De Los Santos, her storyline has her fighting for success in the music business without compromising her identity.

Below, learn more about the star who’s shaking things up in Miami.

She was raised in “Little Santo Domingo”
Amara was raised in the Allapattah neighborhood of Miami. The town is known as “Little Santo Domingo,” (the capital of the Dominican Republic) for its healthy Dominican population and cultural ties to the Caribbean country.

As a child, she was a pageant girl.
Even as a child, Amara was a star, competing in a number of children’s pageants. She also participated in singing competitions, showing off her beautiful vocal range. 

She runs a clothing line.
The 27-year-old heads her own clothing line called ALN. The brand sells bathing suits, hoodies and hats.

She and her mother are super close.
On the show, Amara La Negra admits that not only does she bring her mother to business meetings, but on romantic dates as well. “My mom right, she is the one encouraging me to show my body,” she says. “She comes out on dates with me — it’s like a triple dating thing because she feels like she has to approve.”

Her mother is a cook in Miami.
Amara shared on Instagram that her mother still works as a cook in a local Miami restaurant. “I’m very proud to be her daughter,” Amara said. “Everything I am is thanks to that lady! I would never be embarrassed that my mom is a cook!”

She just signed a major record deal.
As reported by Billboard, Amara inked a multi-album record deal with Fast Life Entertainment Worldwide and BMG. Before signing the deal, her popular songs include “Asi,” “Se Que Soy” and “Ayy.”

Her grind is real.
Amara got the attention of VH1 after years of running the festival circuit, performing on stages around the country and throughout Latin America. Evidence of this work shows in the many performance videos she shares on Instagram and on Youtube.

She creates upbeat, sexually-free music for all.
Amara’s music promotes positivity, inclusiveness and owning one’s sexual identity. Her biggest hit “Asi” is a fun video of her dancing in the street.

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