Amanda Seales Hilariously Explains The Difference Between White People And People Who Happen To Be White
Dorothy Hong/Team Epiphany
Amanda Seales is known for her smart, funny and on-point thoughts — and she dropped many of them as a guest on ESSENCE’s Yes, Girl podcast this week. The Insecure star, who was gearing up for the release of her one-hour HBO comedy special, I Be Knowin’, sat down to speak with ESSENCE editors and podcast co-hosts Yolanda Sangweni, Cori Murray and Charli Penn to talk about the groundbreaking special. Seales also shared an explanation of the difference between white people and people who happen to be white that had us cracking up. “People who happen to be white are people who do not adhere to the false notion that white is indicative of supremacy,” she explained. “However, they understand that with whiteness comes privilege and so they use their privilege to give those who don’t have access to it access.” On the other hand, she explains that “white people are people who believe the notion that their skin color makes them better. And if you believe that something that was created solely for the purpose of oppression makes you better, then you ain’t sh—!” Bloop! In the comedy special, Seales gets real about the horror of being the only Black person on a plane, the perils of dating f-ck boys, and why Black women are the best at giving compliments among many other hilarious things. I Be Knowin’ premieres on Saturday at 10 p.m. ET/PT on HBO.


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