Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter is known to stop the world—she’s done it before with the surprise release of her self-titled album in 2014 and then again when she snatched the edges of the entire BeyHive after dropping her Emmy-nominated visual album Lemonade.

As we prepare for the arrival of the Carter twins, we know that Queen Bey will once again blow our minds with the news of their birth. But, how exactly? We have some theories.

Since Beyoncé continues to prove that she can do the impossible, here are all of the ways we imagine Mrs. Carter might share the news that the twins have made their entrance into the world.

1. She’ll release a lullaby album on Tidal.

Because the twins’ first gift to the world needs to be a special (and shared) experience. 


2. There will be a music video with visuals from the birth and the sweet family moments that followed.

Queen Yoncé tends to shy away from giving us access to her most private life but maybe the arrival of the youngest Carter kids and her penchant for wanting to give her fans a visual experience will give her the inspo she needs to give the BeyHive what they want. 


3. Warshan Shire will dedicate cryptic yet amazing poetry to the newborns.

Poet Warshan Shire and Beyoncé have collaborated frequently in the last few years, especially on her work on Lemonade. When Mrs. Carter shared her epic pregnancy photoshoot in February, Shire’s words accompanied the photos on the star’s website. We know Warshan will be on speed dial to pen something unique for the little ones. 


4. Mama Tina will share something on Instagram…because she always does.

Beyoncé’s fabulous mom loves to share moments from her life on the ‘gram, and it’s always everything. From her silly jokes to fun trips with her husband Richard, she shares it all, and therefore we will definitely turn all of the notifications on for Mama Tina in case she breaks the news. 

5. A new website will emerge with photos of the twins.

Similar to how she shared the birth of Blue Ivy, baby #2 and #3 could be born with their own internet domain reveal party, but then again, when do Bey and her husband Jay-Z ever do the same thing twice? So, we’ll maybe scratch that one.


6. She and Jay Z will (finally) release their joint album.

A few weeks ago, mysterious Tidal ads emerged with the message 4:44 leading many to believe that the time had finally come for Mr. and Mrs. Carter to drop their highly anticipated and widely speculated joint album. Although the public was mistaken and the ad was actually for a film to stream on Tidal staring Academy Award winner Mahershala Ali, there’s still a chance their joint project is coming soon. Perhaps the husand and wife music-making duo were waiting for their two newest good luck charms to arrive before sharing their new jams. 


Or she could just drop a photo on Instagram with a simple caption and leave us all scrambling for every single little detail.


However Beyoncé plans to share the big news,  there’s one thing we know for sure: her fans just want Bey to have a safe and healthy delivery and happy little ones.

How do you think Bey and Jay will share their news? Your best predictions are welcome in the comments section below.