All Roads Lead To Monica: A Breakdown Of ATL's Celebrity Social Circle

Have you ever noticed that Monica is the queen of the Atlanta celebrity social scene, and quite possibly the glue too? We break it all down for you, like never before.

Lauren Porter May, 18, 2017

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Have you ever noticed that Monica is the queen of the Atlanta celebrity social scene, and quite possibly the glue too?

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Let's begin the breakdown of ATL's celebrity social circle!

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The R&B songstress and the rapper are related by blood!

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The couple tied the knot in January of 2015.

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The former Destiny Child's singer and the wife of Mr. ATL himself stay on vacay and slay together!

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Mo and L go way back and their friendship is still strong!

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Since their younger days on the ATL music scene, these ladies have maintained a wonderful friendship!

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The Real Housewife and Da Boss Chick of Love & Hip-Hop are great friends and even have a song together called "Legs To The Moon".

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These playdates have to be lit!

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These three stay in the streets living their best girlfriend life.

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Squad. Goals.

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These two Grammy award-winners were in the hit 90's R&B group XSCAPE which will reunite for the first time in over 15 years at ESSENCE Fest 2017!

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For the second pregnancies, the proud mothers were expecting at the same time! Their little ones, Ace and Heiress, will definitely grow up to be the best of friends.

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Nothing could break up these two!

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Little Laiyah is one lucky girl!

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This is what true friendship looks like!

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Married to two of the greatest rappers alive, Tiny and Toya had a hit reality show on BET of the same name.

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This friendship knows how to shut the party down!

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These two prove that NOLA and ATL make a great friendship.

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It's not called a girl's trip if these three aren't there!

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ATL days and nights know these three very well!

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Tiny and LeToya have known each other forever and they've stayed close ever since!

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This duo are unstoppable!

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No one can deny this bond!

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Tiny and Toya have always been close so it makes since that their daughters Reginae and Zonnique have a great relationship too!

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When they were preteens, these two were in a girl group called the OMG Girlz. Now, they star together on WEtv's reality series, Growing Up Hipi-Hop ATL.

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The friends of the ATL roll deep!

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Now this is the ultimate throwback and it does indeed prove that all roads lead to Monica when it comes to this friend circle of the ATL!