Serena Williams and her husband Alexis Ohanian tied the knot in November and they’re still enjoying newlywed bliss. The tricky part is that with their busy schedules, their love story is sometimes long-distance so they try their best to make each other smile.

A few weeks ago, Ohanian wowed his wife when he surprised her with custom billboards welcoming her back to tennis after giving birth to their baby girl, Alexis Olympia, last September.

In an interview with popular Viceland late night hosts, Desus and Mero, the Reddit co-founder and venture capitalist talked about spoiling his Mrs. with lavish things, revealed the nickname she gave him and shared their favorite cost-saving date night treat.

“We both set a high bar for ourselves and for one another,” the 35-year-old said. “We’re in a long distance marriage! I’m not going to see them for like three weeks and the only way we communicate is through FaceTime or calls and all of that so I have to do really special things. We both feel like we have to do extra opportunities to really value the time when we are together and then do the crazy grandiose surprising stuff.”

Ohanian admits that while growing up, he really wanted a cool nickname and it wasn’t until he met his wife that he finally got the cool moniker he longed for. 

“My wife came up with that nickname because I was complaining to her, I’m always correcting people if they call me Alex but a part of me has always wanted a cool, good nickname that was monosyllabic, Alexis is three syllables it’s a mouth-full. And she goes, ‘did you ever think about Lex? ‘“

As for the lavish gifts Ohanian and Williams swap, he shares that the simple things in life are what make the tennis superstar the happiest. 

“Of all the things, the best stuff still ends up being things that don’t actually cost a lot, they just cost attention,” he said. “Actually, the truth of the matter is, the best meals we have and the ones she enjoys the most are the furthest away from the white tablecloths, pre-fix menus. It’s Fatburger in L.A. that impossible burger—it’s amazing!” 


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