Al Sharpton To Selfie Critics: ‘Don’t Be Jealous.’
Al Sharpton/Instagram

Al Sharpton has been receiving a lot of comments for his recent selfies, but the 62-year-old doesn’t care how anyone feels.

Recently, he told TMZ, that he can do whatever he wants and wanted show people that fitness is important. “I mean, I live in the Trump era, if he can tweet at night, I can selfie before I go to the gym in the morning. And don’t be jealous because I’m so fit at 62.”

He added for his haters, “Don’t be jealous. I was showing people you work out, you take your healthy seriously.”

Honestly, he’s right. Our country’s leader has shared crazier things, why shouldn’t Sharpton be able to share a few selfies? Also, fitness is important, maybe someone out there finds his pre-gym selfies motivational. 

Keep doing you, Al! Share your selfies with the world!