AJ Johnson & Tisha Campbell Recreating Their Iconic ‘House Party’ Dance Scene Is An Epic Flashback Moment
© 1990 New Line Cinema / Courtesy: Pyxurz

Nothing brings two people together like an iconic dance sequence, and AJ Johnson and Tisha Campbell are proof.

To celebrate Tisha’s birthday, AJ shared a touching message and throwback of their iconic House Party dance, including a spot-on reenaction of the scene that the pair brought to life a few years back during a summer cookout

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“From 1990 to 2016…God connected us 26 yrs ago and that was just our beginning!! I pray that today- on YOUR day-you feel loved appreciated and the special you are!,” AJ captioned the video, which includes footage of the duo’s dance from the 1990 film clipped together with a video of AJ and Tisha recreating the dance flawlessly over two decades later.

In honor of flashback Friday, we couldn’t help but re-post the unforgettable clip. 

She continued: “Happiest personal new year T, and I hope you know that just like in #HouseParty… now in life…no matter what they call us- A &T, Sidney & Sharane-Im forever right by your side- unconditionally- thru the highs the lows… thru it ALL..I promise God and you, that Im here to figure it all out together. Happy birthday T!!! I love you”

We hope Tisha had an amazing day and that she and AJ continue to recreate Sidney and Sharane’s fly moves for years to come.


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