Sukihana amassed a small fortune leveraging her sexuality and undeniable personality on the pandemic-made-popular platform Only Fans, (hench the social media moniker in her bio “Suki With The Good Coochie.”) She banked so much money showcasing her bedroom skills, she was able to purchase a shiny blue Bentley in cash. Before her red scarf could stop flying in the wind in her newly acquired drop-top, the flamboyant rapper had received hundreds of thousands of likes. Not bad for the former Love & Hip-Hop Miami star, who just wanted to make enough money to take care of her family.  

One week ago, Sukihana announced she retired from Only Fans. Just a few days prior, she celebrated her birthday in a grand Atlanta party where her longtime boyfriend Kill Bill presented her with a ginormous rock.

Suki and I caught up the day after her extravaganza, which had taken over my Instagram timeline as we spoke. She began the conversation reminding me it’s still her birthday. Then I congratulated her on getting engaged again. It wasn’t long before we were in conversation about her childhood, her favorite song to sing in the shower and this shocker: her first orgasm which happened recently.

Here’s 10 things we learned about Sukihana that she’s never shared before.