7 Things To Know About 'Texas Rising' Star Cynthia Addai-Robinson

Get to know the actress known as the Yellow Rose of Texas on the History Channel's new miniseries, "Texas Rising."

Jolie A. Doggett Jun, 01, 2015

Before she was playing the sexy and spying Yellow Rose of Texas on the History Channel’s new mini-series, Texas Rising, Cynthia Addai-Robinson was young stage actress with a dream. Here’s everything you need to know about Cynthia Addai-Robinson, from her British birthplace to her secret talent.

Her First Acting Role was in “Annie”
“When I was in high school I was starting to get into plays. I ended up when I was a sophomore in high school playing Annie, of all roles, in our school’s production of ‘Annie.’ But the big break for me was Spartacus, which I joined in on in the second season. I don’t think I could have anticipated a role like that where I essentially am a female gladiator, and doing stunts and killing people. In some ways it was the dream role I never dreamed.”

She’s a Secret Singer
“I love to sing. I guess for people who know me personally I’m a bit of a karaoke junkie. I love going to karaoke. I love the freedom of that, because it’s a really no pressure situation. I think the last karaoke I did I sang ‘American Boy’ by Estelle. I also sang ‘Dirty Diana’ by Michael Jackson.”

In Fact, She Dreams of Being in a Musical
“I would love to do a movie musical or a music biopic. There was a moment in my performance life that I though I wanted to be on Broadway and do musicals. I have a lot of respect for those performers because that’s a really, really tough environment.”

She’s Been Bitten by the Travel Bug
“I’ve been to New Zealand, and then from there I went to the Cook Islands. I went to Samoa, Australia, that whole part of the world is amazing. I’m definitely hoping to just see some other places. I’ve been wanting to go to Morocco for a really long time. I think if I had a choice probably my next trip, I’m dying to go to Cuba. I just like seeing how other people are living in the world, and like to just move among them and observe. I think it’s all very good information for an actor, just seeing human behavior.”

She’s International
“I was born in London, my mother’s from Ghana so all of the family that I grew up with around me are all African. My mother and I moved to the Washington D.C. area when I was about 4 years old. Then I eventually left that area to go to school in New York. I feel like I identify with a lot of different places that kind of make up who I am.”

She’s (Kinda) Bilingual
“I speak some Spanish which came in handy for Texas Rising because we were filming in Mexico. I studied Spanish in school for years, then you don’t use it and it kind of goes away. Last year I basically lived [in Mexico] for 5 months and I realized that suddenly I was in an immersion situation because I wasn’t filming and I had days off. Well, I still had to go into town. I have to order lunch. I have to drop my laundry off somewhere. Suddenly you’re like ‘Okay. I got to figure this out. Basically have to really improve on my Spanish so that I can basically live here and get around.'”

She JUST Joined Instagram
“I’m trying to build my numbers. It’s been about a month. I was really dragging my feet. I think, for me, the whole Instagram thing and why I was sort of late to the party, is that there’s still this part of me that very much values my privacy. I personally think the less people know the better. At least Instagram kind of seems a little bit friendlier than Twitter. “

Catch Cynthia Addai-Robinson on Texas Rising, Mondays at 9P.M. EST on the History Channel (and follow her on Instagram!).