<p>7 Scandals Wendy Williams Has Curved In Her Career</p>


Wendy Willams, the “tell it like it is” queen has a knack from throwing shade with just the right amount of humor —a trademark that has kept her employed for decades. We were first introduced to her signature voice during her stint as a radio personality on HOT 97 and then The Wendy Williams Show, which first aired in 2008.

However, some have found her commentary too much, too loud and too offensive. After all, the daytime diva’s hot topics have left rooms boiling. She has stirred up plenty of allegations —from Sean Diddy Combs being gay to telling the world that Method Man’s wife had cancer— information he chose not to disclose. To be frank, Williams has consistently proven that there is very little information she can keep to herself.

However, the tables recently turned and she became the one we we’re all sipping tea about. On Monday allegations arose that her husband of twenty years, Kevin Hunter was cheating with a 32-year-old massage therapist. However, Wendy kicked off Season 9 of her show by denying these allegations. 

We rounded up some of the moments Wendy Williams used her skills and curve scandal throughout her career.

Watch the above video for all of the tea.