50 Cent Invites Woman On Stage After Punching Her In The Chest
© Dia Dipasupil 2015

A 50 Cent show took a turn Saturday night after the rapper struck a fan in the audience.

During a performance with The Lox at Baltimore Soundstage, the rapper leaned toward the audience and was allegedly grabbed by a woman in the crowd. 

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In a video shared by TMZ, 50 cent leans into the crowd to greet fans and is grabbed by a woman in the audience, causing the rapper to fall off stage. The rapper appears to punch the woman in the chest in retaliation. 

Right after the incident, 50 invites the woman on stage, whispers something in her ear, and the woman proceeds to twerk on stage as the show continues. 

There’s never a reason to punch a woman, but it seems that there’s no ill will between the fan and the rapper. So, we guess 50 has dodged a lawsuit, for now.