5 Ways Sevyn Streeter Evidences That She’s an ‘80s Baby
Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Singer-songwriter Sevyn Streeter will be another year flyer on July 7 (hence, the name). And the artist’s ESSENCE Festival performance at the Ford Hot Right Now Superlounge was like a pre-party. 

A proud ‘80s baby, Streeter and admits that the popular music of her formative years has been significantly influential. “The things that I love and grew up on, I try my best to incorporate those things into my show,” the “It Won’t Stop” singer told ESSENCE. 

In honor of Streeter’s forthcoming birthday, we share five indications (on and off the stage) that Sevyn Streeter is a baby of the ‘80s.

First, there was Michael. What ‘80s baby wasn’t influenced by MJ in some way, shape or form? Whether you rocked the sequins glove, or were doing the moonwalk in your bedroom, Michael Jackson was super significant. He was the man. Sevyn’s introduction was an upbeat remix of Michael Jackson’s “PYT,” and clearly, the 28-year-old was influenced by the King of Pop.  

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The flyy girls were in full effect. Okay, okay. So, Sevyn doesn’t refer to her background dancers as ‘flyy girls.’ Nor were the dancers all female – the crew actually includes two men. But, the singer-songwriter does agree that her dancers are ‘flyy.’ Indeed, they slayed on stage – think ‘In Living Color’ meets Alvin Ailey – and the audience was entertained with a well-rounded show.   

She uses acronyms, often. OMG, millennials – which includes babies of the ‘80s – love an abbreviated phrase. Streeter has popularized the term BAN, through her single entitled B. A. N. S. If you’re unsure what the term means, look it up.

Sevyn was in a girl band, or two. Prior to breaking into a solo career, Streeter was a part of two girl groups: TG4 and RichGirl. Back in the day, girl groups reigned supreme. It was as though being in a group was a right of passage. After paying their dues, the brave few would go would go solo. 

An ode to ‘90s R&B. Midway through her performance, Streeter performed a montage of old school joints. Yes, she took it there. “I am a huge fan of ‘90s music,” said the 28-year-old. The compilation included Aaliyah’s “Can I come Over,” SWV’s “Weak” and “I Have Nothing” by the incomparable Whitney Houston. “They [artists of the ‘90s] had a different type of care, a different type of respect, a different type of love for the music,” Streeter told ESSENCE. And Sevyn Streeter aims to bring this thoughtful and sentimental music to her fans. 

Happy birthday, Sevyn!