5 Reasons You Should Let Kevin Hart ‘Explain’
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Kevin Hart brings back the familiar, no holds barred comedy we know and love in his new film, Let Me Explain. Captured from his worldwide concert tour, the film brings even more of Hart’s classic, unadulterated charm with new punchlines about his family, love life, and recent divorce.

“I’m talking about a lot of things that people don’t expect me to talk about and I bring everything to the table and make it relevant,” Hart tells ESSENCE.com. “It comes from a genuine place and people don’t have to think or assume things about me anymore, they’ll hear it from the horse’s mouth.”

What we heard from the horse’s mouth was pretty darn funny. Here are five reasons we think you should check out Hart and all his pain (and expletives).

1. He lets his pain be our entertainment
With misfortune comes fresh jokes for this comedian. Hart opens up about his failed marriage and the mistakes he made that led to divorce. In a colorful anecdote Hart talks about trying to prove his ex-wife’s cheating allegations wrong by calling his friend on speakerphone to help cover up his lies. “Don’t lie, where was I tonight,” he says, hoping that his friend knows that it’s code for him to lie. Instead his friend blows his cover and says he was with another woman.

2. He embraces fatherhood
Hart is a full-fledged father off stage and it’s great that he shares his daddy stories even while the cameras are rolling. From teaching his kids how to fight, to explaining to his son that superhero powers don’t really exist, Hart is all about sharing his children’s growing pains with the audience.

3. He’ll keep you laughing
This is Hart’s third stand-up film and he’s dishing out some solid new jokes. Between his random stage fire effects and his jokes about running into a fictional “DeerBra,” Hart’s Let Me Explain kept us on our toes and most importantly, kept us laughing.


4. He keeps it real
More than an entourage, Hart’s constant crew of friends play hard and work hard. We get a peak inside their world with everything from their unique handshakes to their inside jokes. Hart says he prefers to tour on the road as opposed to flying everywhere because he can really bond with his friends. “I could either get on a plane for two and a half hours or take a bus and be with my friends and talk,” he says. By the end we get a sense of how vital Hart’s friends are to his sanity.

5. He’s not afraid to shed a tear
It’s the end of Let Me Explain that proves to be the most touching. Hart’s sold-out Madison Square Garden performance makes him one of three Black comedians to make it on the stage and he isn’t afraid to get emotional about the opportunity. Teary-eyed, he uses the last moments of his film to thank his audience for their support and the opportunity to have his name go down in stand-up history.

Kevin Hart’s Let Me Explain is in theaters today.


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