12 Celebrities Who Have Become Iconic Memes

Bennett Raglin/BET

Which meme is your go-to? 

Ni'Kesia Pannell Aug, 17, 2017

These candid photos show a range of our emotions in the most hilarious way. From Skai Jackson throwing shade to Kevin Hart giving a major side eye, we use these photos on a regular basis.

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Quite possibly reigning as the petty meme queen with this one, the Disney actress has been used time and time again to clap back.

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Everyone has laughed at any of Snoop Dogg’s head wrap memes at least once— this one is serving major attitude.

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Whether you’re looking at this meme in its original form or with Big Sean donning multiple wigs, it’s probably still one of the funniest you’ll ever see.

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It’s been over 10 years since the world was introduced to Tiffany “New York” Pollard and yet the world is still finding a way to laugh at her antics, specifically this one of her angrily waiting on a bed.

5 of 12 The Breakfast Club

Looking for some clarity on a situation? This now classic Gucci Mane meme will serve as a way to show that.

6 of 12 The Breakfast Club

If 2016 could be described in one meme, this would definitely be it. Birdman visited 'The Breakfast Club' to let everyone know respect should be put on his name.

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Nick “Swaggy P” Young’s confused face meme will forever reign supreme.

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Though Beyoncé has been the source of many memes over the years, this mischievous meme is the one that continues to find its way on to everyone’s timelines.

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Kanye West has given the world plenty of material for memes over the years, but this one has definitely become one of the most used from the MTV Music Awards.

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If you ever need the perfect reaction to a questionable situation, just pull out this Kevin Hart meme.

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While Chrissy Teigen’s crying face was for a sweet cause (John Legend and Common won Best Original Song for “Glory” at the 2015 Golden Globes), social media users have used it for everything but that.

12 of 12 Stephan Savoia

Though M.J.’s touching Hall of Fame induction speech was memorable on its own, it is the now infamous crying face meme that carries the most weight.