12 Breathtaking Photos That Prove Kelly Rowland Has Serious Supermodel Potential

Ok that's it, we don't need anymore convincing — Kelly Rowland is actually a supermodel. Seriously, who wouldn't want to open up a magazine and see her slaying for your favorite brand? When the star first debuted a series of drop dead gorgeous photos via Instagram we declared that hitting the catwalk might be in her future, but now we know for sure. Check out all of the receipts we've gathered that prove Kelly Rowland may just need to considering adding the supermodel title to her resume.

Dominique Hobdy Nov, 23, 2016

1 of 12 Marcelo Cantu Photography

The cut! The Pose! The fabulousness!

2 of 12 Marcelo Cantu Photography

The naked truth is that Kelly Rowland is goals.

3 of 12 Marcelo Cantu Photography

Come through!!! Giving us all the Flashdance feels.

4 of 12 Sasha Samsonova

Legs for days!

5 of 12 Sasha Samsonova

Actually, legs for weeks!

6 of 12 Sasha Samsonova

Kelly, you better!

7 of 12 Sasha Samsonova

*Insert praise emoji hands*

8 of 12 Sasha Samsonova

Knowing your angles is the mark of a true supermodel.

9 of 12 Sasha Samsonova


10 of 12 Sasha Samsonova

Why is this bodysuit everything?

11 of 12 Sasha Samsonova

Come through ponytail!

12 of 12 Sasha Samsonova

We think we rest our case. Kelly, it's your move now.