Many celebrities have spoken candidly about their pregnancy and birthing experiences, opening up about receiving C-sections, and — at times — the issues that come along after the surgery. Beyoncé was the latest celeb to reveal that she delivered her 1-year-old twins Rumi and Sir via emergency C-section, or delivery by an incision through a mother’s abdomen and uterus, causing her body to drastically change. And Bey is not alone. According to the CDC, about 31.9 percent of babies are delivered via C-section. And that figure is higher when it comes to our community: Time reported in 2010 that C-sections were on the rise for Black women and recent articles have detailed the high complication rates that Black mothers often face.
Here are 11 celebs, from Beyoncé to Serena Williams, who have opened up about the experience. TOPICS: