We’re calling this the “Real Housewives” confessionals episode.

Pizza man John Kolaj, aka NeNe’s “business partner,” confesses his love (well, sort of) to the fabulous Lenethea Leakes, Cynthia admits that she regrets moving to Atlanta and misses her fabulous friends in New York City who knows how to properly pronounce Christian Louboutin – ladies, it’s Lou-bou-tin, not Lah-bou-tin.

We meet Sheree’s mother, mama Thelma, for the second time since the show started, as she  shares her own struggles with getting child support from Sheree’s father. Meanwhile, Phaedra confesses that knowing a judge always helps in her cases. Kandi’s mom, mama Joyce, (indirectly) confesses her need for (internet) love. Amidst all these confessionals, we got a most precious moment: Kim gave birth to her son, Kroy Jagger Bierman.

Here are 10 of our favorite moments.

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