This week the ladies of Real Housewives of Atlanta travel from the “the motherland” straight back to good old Haterville. And boy, do things get ugly really quickly? Sheree tells Kim that Kandi said she would never want to hold a Black baby or ever travel to South Africa, totally twisting the original conversation in episode 14. Kim is highly offended by this and interprets it as Kandi calling her racist. “It’s evident I’m not racist. I don’t see color,” she snaps back.

Kandi can’t believe Sheree brought the details of their conversation back to Kim. ‘Why you looking like that? You said it,” says Sheree, who clearly left all her niceties back in South Africa.

Things take a turn for the worst from there, but thanks to Peter and Cynthia for bringing some lightness to an episode filled with petty drama. The couple is nearing their one-year anniversary and they want NeNe to help plan a celebration for them.

See what 10 moments we’ll be talking about all week long.

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