Zendaya Was Just As Confused Over The Babyfoot Foot Peel As You 
Steve Granitz/WireImage
This article originally appeared on InStyle. Fact: Babyfoot works. Another fact? While it’s more than effective, the at-home foot peel doesn’t give immediate results, and the process to get the super soft, delicate feet of your Loeffler Randall ad dreams is pretty damn gross. Zendaya can attest. The celebrity took to her app to share her recent discovery of the foot peel mask during a beauty supply store haul, and just like you and I, she was seriously confused as to why were skin was peeling off like a reptile a few days after she popped on the footies. “Sometimes I’ll go into beauty supply stores and just buy a bunch of stuff to try. I’m a sucker for things like that!” she wrote. Look at that? Another similarity we share with the superstar. “Anyway, I recently bought this foot peel because I have rough a*s feet. I tried it and was like, “This is bullshit,” because nothing happened. Then a couple weeks later, I was like, ‘What the f*#k is wrong with my feet!?’ They looked a mess and were seriously peeling like crazy. But, it was actually great. It worked really well and my feet were so smooth after! I’d show you a pictures, but you’d probably throw up!”     Trust us, Zendaya. No need for pics. We 100% believe you.

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