When you picture actress Zazie Beetz, you may visualize her gorgeous hair and glowing skin. I first noticed the latter back in 2016 when she appeared on an episode of Donald Glover’s Atlanta, and again last month when I sat down with her for an intimate interview at the Bowery Hotel.

As the sunlight crept through the windows of Beetz’s Lower East Side suite, the glare revealed her radiance and natural beauty—which became the topic of our discussion.

On the heels of her new appointment as brand ambassador for True Botanicals, I caught up with Beetz where she opened up about her partnership with the company, the products that make her skin glow, and her philosophy on beauty. 

On what led to her partnership with True Botanicals…

“I was interested in True Botanicals’ approach to ethical beauty and ethical skincare. The ingredients they source are clean, toxic-free, and natural. The company strives for sustainability within their products, and I think that’s important.  Having people see good ingredients are an option, allows for more products like this to be made, which will make these products more cost-efficient, essentially. I felt drawn ethically, and everything else aside, the products work.

This brand is coming from a place of a real need for clean ingredients, and sustainable ingredients for people who are struggling through disease and for the everyday person trying to feel their best.”

On the products that make her skin glow…

My skin has been amazing since I started using True Botanicals. It stays clearer for longer periods, and I break out much less when I’m on my periods. The last few I’ve had; I haven’t been breaking out in the same way at all. In terms of my daily routine, I usually wash my face with Fresh Soy Cleanser, a light face wash. Then I use True Botanicals’ Radiance Oil in the Renew Line with the Repair Serum. I’ve been mixing in the Vitamin C Booster morning and night and have found that my face has been radiant. It’s been glowing!

In terms of my body, I use different oils. It depends on how I’m feeling, and it depends on the heaviness of the day. I’ll use either cocoa butter, usually Palmer’s brand, or this brand called Koils by Nature. They have a lovely oil blend that I use for my hair, as well. I also use True Botanicals’ body oil. I don’t like lotion.”

On her beauty philosophy…

“My philosophy on beauty is to have fun. Being whatever, you are, is enough. I feel very confident walking out and existing with no makeup, and my hair looking a mess. I can look insane, but I feel like that’s enough. I’ve realized compromising your authentic self always ends with you losing, and it never feels good. I’ve realized I never want to feel that way. I’m comfortable with being imperfect.”