Beauty YouTube Vlogger Jackie Aina Calls Out Brands For Ignoring Black Women
Isaac Sterling/Getty Images

YouTube sensation Jackie Aina is known for being outspoken and not shying away from tough conversations on her insanely popular channel. In addition to reviewing the latest mascaras and highlighters, the beauty vlogger is known to call out brands — something often surmised from their limited shade offering —who refuse to acknowledge Black women.

In her latest video titled “I Don’t See Color,” Aina explains why it’s extremely problematic to dismiss race as insignificant. During the black and white tutorial, where she does her makeup under the guise of not seeing color, Aina proves just how silly that sounds. The end result is a face of ill-matching foundation with terribly colorful brows and lids.

While it’s easy to dismiss the tutorial as silly, it illustrates a crucial point. “I feel like people say things like ‘I don’t see color’ when they don’t have as much experience with different ethnicities and cultures,” Aina said after completing her look. “Why do you get to ignore something that I don’t get to ignore? Would you be Black, and Black with dark skin, for a day?” Aina asks her viewers.  

As Black women, we don’t have the chance to not see color, our race is ever present and for someone to express otherwise is ridiculous. As Aina points out, people don’t walk into Sephora and grab any foundation and expect it to match. Color is in fact very important. 

“In 2018 we aren’t going to ignore race. I’m tired of being ignored and I am tired of people who look like me get stepped on,” she said. More than anything it’s time we acknowledge and celebrate our differences.

Aina, who’s been blogging for nine years, said she’s going to continue to use her platform to speak up and advocate for people of color. In an industry where it’s nearly impossible to decipher truth from marketing, we’re thankful to have individuals like Aina working to create change. 



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