YouTube Natural Hair Hacks
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If you’re anything like us, most days you’re probably digging through numerous natural hair tutorials on YouTube, looking for the perfect video, while thinking, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

The tedious act of perfecting your protective style and measuring the appropriate ratio of water to oil to mix in your spray bottle can be exhausting on wash day. We haven’t even addressed those of you who end up spending your whole paycheck on vlogger-recommended hair products that fail to cater to your natural texture. But, before you ignore the advice and tips from naturalistas on YouTube, there are a few tricks of the trade that’ll actually prove to be useful on your natural hair care journey. Curious? Keep scrolling.

Hack #1: Drying Your Hair

Apparently, using an old tee instead of a towel will eliminate frizz and breakage after shampooing and conditioning your hair.

Hack #2: Conditioning and Combing

According to natural hair vloggers, direction is important when detangling. Always start at the bottom, working your way slowly up to the roots. In fact, the finger combing method is an effective way to detangle your hair and prevent excessive hair loss.

Hack #3: Working Out

Who says you can’t sweat it out with natural hair? Before lacing up your sneakers, take a few minutes to moisturize your scalp and apply conditioner to your hair. That way, when you increase the intensity on the elliptical — or any other workout weapon of choice — the heat from your body will help to lock in moisture for extra-soft curls. Just be sure to cleanse your scalp post-workout.

Hack #4: Shampooing

After finger detangling, it’s important to use a clarifying shampoo, while stroking your hair down and outward to prevent tangles. Or, you can just wash your hair in twists since it’s already detangled.

Hack #5: Removing Build-Up

If you’re wearing braids as a protective style and you discover dirt near the root of each braid, you can spray an apple cider vinegar and water mixture to loosen up the build-up and avoid breakage when taking down the style.

Hack #6: Steaming

For those of you with dry, low-porosity hair, a steamer is an absolute must in your hair regimen to ensure your textured strands remain healthy and hydrated.

Hack #7: Refreshing Old Twist-Outs

It’s no secret that after the first two days most twist-outs and braid-outs start to look old. One easy way to give this protective style a new lease on life, without having to re-do the style completely, is by re-twisting the edges.

Hack #8: Tucking Voluminous Curls Under a Wig

When you’re ready to give your hair a styling break, wigs are a complete life-saver. Problem is, the tightness of the braids and the friction from lining of the wig cap can cause severe breakage and damage. Thanks to this tutorial, you can get your textured hair to lay flat underneath a wig, without subjecting your tender scalp to tight cornrows.

Hack #9: Pineappling

Everyone’s obsessed with the “pineappling” method to preserve your curls. Simply, pile your hair into a loose bun or ponytail on the top of your head overnight to avoid frizz.

Bonus Tip: Tired of having to clean up excess hair after detangling? Well, the perfect solution to cut your clean-up time in half is plastic wrap. You’re already using the kitchen staple for your silk wraps anyway, so you might as well cover the sink with it to keep hair from clogging up the drain.


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