MUST-SEE: The World Is Taking On The Don’t Rush Beauty Challenge

As a beauty editor, I understand the transformative power that makeup has on both outward appearance and inner swag. And as people grow more restless in this global quarantine, more folks are starting to pick up their brushes and palettes to tap into their creativity and break up the monotony of their day.

The Don’t Rush challenge (also called the #dontrushmechallenge by some) has seemingly swept across the world over this past weekend. Beauty bloggers, influencers, moms, bankers, managers and all kinds of everyday women are finding joy in this nod to getting glammed up, and taking their time doing it apparently. There are videos on social media from Nigeria, Ghana, the United States, South Africa, the U.K. and other countries. I pretty much double-tapped all of them.

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I even reached out to Boss TV Africa, which posted quite a few challenge videos on its Instagram account, to find out more about the origins of the challenge. Creative director Kanyinsola Kuku said that her team first discovered it on Twitter and then brought it to Instagram and encouraged all of their followers to tag their friends and join in. Named after the 2019 single “Don’t Rush” by Young T & Bugsey, which plays in the background of the videos, it’s going worldwide and quickly. Who knew social distancing would bring the world together?

Check out some of my favorite #dontrushchallenge videos we found across Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

It has proven to be such a fun challenge that even the guys are getting in on showing us how they glam up in their own special way.

This Is A Challenge I Would Participate In.. This Was Dope.

Posted by William Freeman-Ervin on Saturday, March 28, 2020

This blogger in the UK put her own hilarious spin on the challenge. Some might share her sentiment, but hopefully, she finds her inspiration to get dolled up anyway.


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