When we heard DevaCurl was launching new products, we couldn’t wait to check them out. To get the ultimate (and real) review, ESSENCE Staffer Carmen Jones took a 2×2 challenge—she tried two products for two weeks and now we are getting her honest opinion.

The Regimen

The first thing Carmen noticed was the subtle sweet smell of the two bottles, DevaCurl DevaFresh Scalp & Curl Revitalizer and DevaCurl High Shine Multi-Benefit Oil. “With any new product, my initial interaction is feeling the texture and smelling the scent,” Carmen says. “I was quickly impressed by how gentle both were when applied to my hair, neither felt heavy or weighted, which allows me to apply as needed without the fear of overuse.”

Plus, it was super easy for her to add them to her regular routine. These two stylers nicely “complement the other products that I was already using and even replaced similar ones that had left a heavy residue and required more frequent washings,” adds Carmen. And for her, the best part is “the lightness of the products and how it complements my current regimen because I’m not a fan of products that are dominating or overwhelming.”

Revive & Revitalize

You already know that dry shampoo is not for you, but DevaFresh Scalp & Curl Revitalizer is a style extending spray that freshens your locks for 24-hours. Infused with kombucha and prickly pear, it boosts definition, moisture and volume to fight frizz. “I found it has an amazing way to keep my hair and scalp feeling and smelling freshly washed through what has been a brutally hot summer,” Carmen says. “It’s enabled me to reduce the amount of co-washes to ensure my hair doesn’t dry out. Also, when I applied with my gel, it actually kept the gel from flaking extending the longevity of my style.”  

Rise & Shine

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DevaCurl High Shine Multi-Benefit Oil features five curl-loving oils to help smooth, seal and improve split ends while boosting shine. “When used independently, it kept my hair from looking dry and brittle, which is critical for my blond highlights,” says Carmen. The lightweight, silicone-free formula even helps protect her color from fading due to UV exposure, which has also been essential this summer.

The Results

Carmen is excited to report that the results have stayed consistent, “I’ve been told that my hair looks amazing—and that has reinforced my own self confidence and self-assurance.” Plus, she works out a lot and “these products help maintain my style and keep my hair moisturized with a pleasant aroma, even through the rigors of weekly gym classes.”

And when asked if she would recommend it to a friend, she said, “absolutely and already have!”

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