Vine’s Demise Is A Reminder Of Its Impact On Our Beauty Lingo
Getty Images

The mobile app that brought us to actual tears from its entertaining loops, has us sobbing for an entirely different reason.

Yesterday (October 21), it was announced via Medium that Vine would cease operations in the coming months, thus concluding a social media era that gave us unforgettable moments from a host of black creatives.  

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*Moment of silence*

As the world mourns its impending close, we can’t help but appreciate all of the small, random moments that continue to have an enormous impact on our day to day lives. And if you’re a bonafide beauty enthusiast, we guarantee one sticks out above the rest. 

Two years ago, we hardly knew what the word fleek met, but once Peaches Monroe spoke the now staple lingo, our eyebrow goals changed completely. This six second proclamation is etched in our minds forever (NSFW): 

It seems like it was just yesterday when we heard her declare, “we in this bi-ccch finna get crunk. Eyebrows on fleek!”  Thanks for the memories, Vine.