Venus Williams On Quarantine, Her New Beauty Venture And The SPF That Won’t Make You Look Ashy
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The coronavirus pandemic has upended the sports world and caused the cancellation of major events like Wimbledon and the U.S. Open. For tennis champion Venus Williams, though, the turn of events has added a whole new meaning to home court advantage

Time at home has allowed Williams to get organized and indulge in her self-care products, which include a relaxing body oil infused with rose petals, a fancy skin toning device that was given to her by a friend, and a mineral sunscreen that won’t make her look ashy. How does she know? She created it.

This week I had the opportunity to chat with the tennis icon, and here’s what she told me about adjusting to quarantine life, wearing sunscreen and making her foray into the beauty industry.

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 Quarantine Life

“In the beginning, I thought we’ll be back to business in April. And then I started to realize that wouldn’t happen. I started to wonder when I’ll play again and what do I do. But now I’ve accepted it and am trying to take advantage of the time that I have to do other things,” says Williams. And that includes getting organized. “I’ve learned how to get organized. Honestly, I know where everything is now. I have more time now because I’m spending less time finding things.” 

Wearing Sunscreen

“I’ve been a huge fan of wearing sunscreen—not at the beginning of my life, but when I got a little bit older I started to understand the value of taking care of your skin,” she says. “And not just the skin on your face, but the skin on your body, too. My sister Serena, she always wore sunscreen. I never did, but I would see her wearing it all the time, and I think one day it just clicked like, Oh, my God. I’m in my thirties and not serious about this. What if I’ve been wasting all this time? 

“As an African-American, I felt like Oh, I have built-in sunscreen. I don’t need sunscreen. I’m invincible. But that’s not the truth. I’m happy I got wise, but I just wish I would’ve done it sooner.”

Her Foray Into Beauty

“I’m very much into clean health, so this fits into my philosophy partnering with Credo,” she says. “They’re the experts on clean beauty. The partnership is organic, and they’ve been working on this product and renditions for a while, and I’m extremely excited about what we produced because it’s a mineral sunscreen that does absorb into your skin and you can’t tell that it’s there.” 

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Venus launched the EleVen by Venus X Credo Beauty collection today on, and it includes sun protection for all skin tones.

When it comes to creating beauty products under the EleVen by Venus brand, Williams says this is just the beginning.