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This is an incredible time to be launching a new skincare or haircare product. Why? Because social media can boost your brand like never before—if you know how to use it to engage, educate and excite consumers.

Check out our 4 tips, then craft a strategy for your company that uses social media to drive massive conversation and build your brand.

Engage. Create your own community. Social media is a two-way street with continuous interactions between you and the user that increases credibility while building trust. From IG Live to polling, it can take a lot to create engagement, so knowing your social media insights can help you provide interesting content for your audience to interact with. Track your metrics and repurpose or repost content that people like the most. For example, you can ask followers to take a selfie with a custom hashtag, then later promote the selfies on your IG—you are providing content they want, where they want it, all while keeping the conversation going.

Enhance. Stand out by designing a unique and fun experience on a social channel that clicks with your brand. Many customers discover new brands and products via the content posted on social media, so don’t miss an opportunity to catch their eye as they scroll through infographics, blogs, articles, testimonials, photos, and more. Consider different channels as people gravitate to them for different purposes. It could be Pinterest for DIYs, Instagram for trend updates, Twitter for the latest news, and many more. Track different platforms and ultimately pick what fits best for your marketing efforts.

Educate. Raising awareness about your products is the most important thing a beauty brand can do—and when you link that with current trends, you have an actionable marketing strategy that gets results. Beauty enthusiasts are constantly consuming digital media, so you want to capitalize on this opportunity. Present your products in a way that makes sense for your audience, showing them how it can become an enjoyable part of their everyday life. For example, busy moms can easily get a glow with an on-trend highlighter even while holding a baby, two-tone eyeliner pops on a video call or sustainable ingredients feel and look gorgeous while caring our planet.

Excite. Drive anticipation and create a buzz for a new launch through your social channels. For example, host a giveaway. You can promote the contest across your feeds, providing an interactive entry for your followers. Then after you announce the winner, have them ta you in a video where they unbox and try the product. This creates positive, organic content that will expose you to new audiences. Another strategic way to debut a new product is to tease it through photos, videos and quizzes that all lead up to a big video reveal featuring a point-of-purchase opportunity. Videos are a great way to build excitement and drive action, so don’t shy away from the camera. Let your followers interact with you directly through a live video or Q&A session—customers will feel your passion come through the screen and want to be a part of it, and your brand.

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