The skincare industry has exploded over the last few years. It seems every brand and celebrity are creating or endorsing a new skincare product. But through the influx of skincare brands, one brand has become a cult favorite among beauty influencers and celebs alike: Urban Skin Rx. The 10-year-old brand has emerged as a leader in the space.

ESSENCE sat down with Urban Skin Rx founder Rachel Roff to discuss the company’s recent growth, the new Resurfacing Vitamin C Cleansing Bar and how they’re raising the bar in beauty.

ESSENCE: How has Urban Skin Rx survived the ever-evolving skincare space?

RR: Marketing and creative has always been a focus of ours. As much as those things matter, I think that Urban Skin Rx is where it is because of our formulas. I make extremely strong products. Overall, my years as a medical esthetician and as a medical spa owner specializing in diverse skin allowed me the experience with pushing the envelope with treating diverse skin tones.

ESSENCE: A lot of women, particularly Black women are skeptical when it come to changing their skincare routine. How has Urban Skin Rx been able to reach new consumers?

RR: Education is more key with this consumer. If something makes sense to somebody, they’re not going to feel so intimidated to try something. Next, before and after pictures. Honestly, you don’t have to say a lot if you have amazing before and after photos. We’ve been lucky that our consumers have been so excited to share their journey and some of our pictures on social media with the highest engagement are the before and after pictures.

The company’s recent success comes after a Tiktok video went viral. User Ashley Boggs, (@niceonashley) posted a before and after testimonial of the companies Even Tone Cleansing Bar and sales increased by 300 percent. The Urban Skin Rx team grew from 17 to over 40 people.  

The newly launched Resurfacing Vitamin C Cleansing Bar joins the Urban Skin Rx’s line of cleansers. The new, stronger formula is infused with vitamin c to resurface and brighten dull complexions. The multipurpose formula is designed to face hyperpigmentation.

Urban Skin Rx isn’t content to simply sitting on the sidelines. The company participated in “Pull Up for Change,” the initiative created by Uoma Beauty founder Sharon Chuter calling beauty companies to task for their lack of diversity in the workforce. Urban Skin Rx posted their statistics but still felt like their workforce could do more.

“Diversity from a recruiting standpoint has been my number one priority for 14 years,” Roff tells ESSENCE. “It’s important internally for us to have representation of people that have experienced the same things our customers have experienced and can be that voice. We committed to doubling our executive leadership number in terms of people of color by the end of this year. We doubled it within 90 days.”

Urban Skin Rx also launched the “Raise the Bar” campaign to bring awareness to the lack of inclusion in the beauty industry. To help fight voter suppression efforts, the company launched the social media campaign “Raise the Bar and Vote.” For every Instagram post using the hashtag, Urban Skin Rx will donate an additional $5 to Fair Fight, a national voting rights organization, up to $10,000.


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