We could wait until late September when Mixed-ish is slated to debut on ABC’s fall lineup to talk about Tika Sumpter’s deep melanin beauty. But why wait. That chocolate-hued skin and perfectly coifed hair has been giving us all the feels for the past year, and through the summer, so we want to shout about it.

There’s nothing “ish” about her flyness, she’s fierce. She’s also perfected that Mona Lisa smile—never letting on what she’s really thinking behind that curious and interesting expression (unless she tells you on social media).

We know from her roster (The Game, The Haves and the Have Nots, Southside With You, Nobody’s Fool) that she’s got the talent. So her red carpet and social media beauty moments simply remind us that she’s the package, also embodying the looks.

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Here’s to that mischievous smile, and a celebration of her Black beauty. May it forever continue to bloom as we look back on a year of red carpet and social media beauty moments that we can’t get enough of.


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