10 Throwback Beauty Products You or May Not Still Use

It’s true when they say that fashion trends come, go and come back again. Who hasn’t raided their mother’s closet to find a “vintage” jacket, brooch or even beauty product? While many beauty trends and products these days tend to be both more on the natural and technological side, sometimes we just need to use a good, old fashioned beauty tool. Check out our trip down memory lane and see which styles you should consider bringing back into your beauty routine (if you haven't already)!

Samantha Callender Nov, 10, 2016

1 of 10 Jason Redmond

Be they metallic or neon, butterfly hair clips can give a nostalgic twist to Solange’s A Seat At The Table hair clip ‘do.

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Before achieving the perfect glow on your cheeks with highlighter, body glitter gave your entire body a boost of shine. From accentuating your collarbone to your midriff, your were shining bright like a diamond. In 2016, this would make the perfect editorial for a beauty blogger.

3 of 10 Jeff Greenberg

These soft and fluffy elastic hair bands were all of the rave in the’ 80s and early ‘90s. Flash forward to present day, and these oversized hair holders still make for a very chic accessory.

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This new millennium trend was seen everywhere from middle school hallways to Hollywood red carpets. Women from all backgrounds sported the look that was somewhere in between straight and curly. We can see crimped hair being the next big trend in hair.

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Once upon a time, mascara came in a pressed compact, and was applied  with a brush. Though we’ve since evolved, many makeup artists prefer using cake mascara, as it tends to be thicker in formula and applies without getting clumped.

6 of 10 Thomas M. Barwick

Otherwise known as temporary hair color, hair mascara allowed for girls to add streaks of color to their hair at home without frying it by using boxed color. It's since been replaced by updated products like hair chalk and spray. 

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While some may cringe at the memory of sitting back the stove getting their hair pressed, there’s no denying the power of the hot comb to get edges snatched. Consider breaking this out when you want to opt for a sleek, chemical free look.

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A staple before even Lil Mama’s lip gloss was poppin’, M.A.C lipglass had lips everywhere on fleek. This would be a perfect alternative to the matte trend that swept the beauty nation last year. Throw on your favorite color, then apply some MAC lipglass over it, and you have a pretty poppin’ pout.

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This puts a twist on your everyday ponytail and pumps up the volume. The unique style of the clip can also make your ponytail look fuller and lengthier.

10 of 10 Jerry Kennelly

This beauty throwback is perfect for the simple, makeup free look that is catching fire (thanks to Alicia Keys and many others). A few swipes of clear mascara can make your lashes full without the clump.