This Is The Buzziest Skin Care Ingredient Of 2020
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Bees aren’t the only ones who love honey. Skin care enthusiasts crave the sweet ingredient too. And according to Google Trends data, searches for Manuka honey reached an all-time high in 2019. So this year, we can only expect to see new skin care products featuring the popular ingredient popping up.

Manuka honey has a long list of skin care benefits that include improving texture and tone, clearing breakouts and making your skin glow. It’s also formulated with amino acids that help slough away dead skin, which is common this time of year.

And lucky for glow-getters everywhere, Walmart now offers a line of affordable Manuka honey–infused skin care products that do all of the above: Kiwi Botanicals.

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Kiwi Botanicals sources sustainable ingredients that naturally nourish and purify skin, which is why Manuka honey can be found in all of the brand’s products.

To see the Kiwi Botanicals products we’re excited about, check out the gallery below.


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