Clean tools are an absolute must when applying makeup. Seems simple enough, right? I learned the hard way when I had a volatile reaction after someone applied my makeup with some possibly not so clean brushes. First, acne started to form, and it was cystic and painful. Next came the redness, and the sensation like I had a bad sun burn. And finally, my skin was so dry that everything I put on it just looked as if it were sitting on top — no blending. The skin was so rough and impenetrable, I couldn’t even just get away with my daily under-eye concealer. I felt unattractive, and simply uncomfortable. Fortunately it was not my fate to have lizard tough skin forever, and I owe it to my POND’S Dry Skin Cream

Every night before bed I washed my face with warm water and my dry skin bar. Then I would slather on the Pond’s moisturizer and let it go to work. The first few days when I washed with the dry skin bar and used a different moisturizer, I saw no results. Once I began using POND’S, I started to see a difference. In the morning, I would wipe my face down with a face rag and cold water, then reapply the POND’S moisturizing cream.

In just a few days I started to see initial results. The skin around my mouth and underneath my nose began to soften and the damaged dead skin began to peel off. Then a few short days after that the sensitive skin underneath my eyes began to lighten and my concealer began to blend as normal. Now I can go natural, or get a fully beat face without worrying that my foundation is flaking.

I’ve used POND’S Dry Skin Cream in the past, and I keep it in my medicine cabinet. But now I’m clinging to this moisturizer like my skin’s life depends on it. Because it does. And now I can go back to thinking I’m cute on a daily basis.