Do you have just one product you cannot live without? Well, for Lauryn Muir, the beauty guru behind @laurscurls, that essential has to be Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Original Solid Jar. This multi-purpose must-have is made with natural Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E to help heal and soften all skin types, from normal to dry to eczema-prone. But it is so much more than just a moisturizer! “I’ve tried many other cocoa butters and none of them seem to ever measure up,” Lauryn says. “I love it, it’s not too chocolately and intense, it has a nice natural sweet scent and it has natural ingredients, so you never have to wonder what you’re putting on your skin.”

Lauryn’s Top 6 Beauty Tips Hair Styler. When filming impromptu live videos, Lauryn tames flyaways and even smooths eyebrows before her close up. Stretch Marks Prevention. She applies it liberally to her whole body, but especially her thigh area, where she has seen major improvement. Shave Cream. Skipping the soap, Lauryn lathers her legs to moisturize and protect her skin while shaving. Makeup Remover. Her go-to for taking stubborn off waterproof mascara and eye shadows at the end of the day. Lip Scrub. Whipping Palmer’s Cocoa Butter and mixing it with sugar, Lauryn reveals soft lips, even during these cold winter months. Ultimate Moisturizer. At bedtime, she slathers it on to soften her heels, and keep her skin nice and moisturized, especially her ankles.

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