The New Skin Care Brand Breaking Gender And Racial Barriers
August Rose

Representation matters, no matter the industry. And while Black male-led beauty brands continue to be scarce, August Rose, a budding skin care brand, is aiming to both inspire and innovate. On November 6, the handmade, gender-neutral, and holistic skin- and body-care line was born, highlighting inclusivity, affordability and accessibility to all. 

“Growing up in a Caribbean household, I witnessed firsthand the potent healing capabilities that natural products and blends possessed,” founder Roosevelt Augustin tells ESSENCE. “They have always been the largest part of my skin care and body-care regimen.” 

While in production, Augustin paid close attention to fragrance compositions. “I’ve always appreciated the impact that scent can have on people,” he shares. “Smell can completely alter someone’s mood through invoking moments of nostalgia and delightful experiences.” His products are 100 percent void of synthetic fragrances. “I wanted to create safe fragrances not bound by harsh chemicals,” he says. “I wanted my fragrances to feel like the completion of someone’s day, I wanted August Rose to be both memorable and safe.” 

Roosevelt Augustin, founder of August Rose

But in a world inundated with beauty products, the 24-year-old opted for a smaller rollout. “I launched August Rose with my four debut products: the Detox Charcoal Bar, the Total Nourishment Body Cleanser, the Evolve Fragrance and the Completion Fragrance Roll on,” he says. “These products were special to me because they all embody one of the core fundamental values of August Rose, which is inclusivity. Not only are these products inclusive, but these products provide a limitless base to anyone figuring out their regimen or for people looking to revamp existing regimens.” 

It’s August Rose’s intent to not only restore healthy skin but to aid in discovering the beauty that lies within. August Rose aims to ignite confidence and emphasizes self-expression. As Augustin says, “we believe that when you look and smell good, you feel good.”

However, Augustin is well-aware that what he’s doing is about far more than improving aesthetics and churning out intoxicating fragrances. “Black skin care creators serve as an important reflection in the mirrors of Black children and adults everywhere,” he says. “It is the first time that many see someone that looks like them crafting and curating products that understand their skin and that are intended to nurture, heal and replenish their skin. It’s a more powerful feeling when you know it’s someone that looks like you and shares the same skin experiences as you on the other side of the products. It’s a feeling of finally being seen.”


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