The Lip Bar just released a new campaign of their extended collection of nude shades that we’re excited about, and most importantly we trust. They truly understand our woes. Many of us are hesitant about wearing a shade labeled as ‘nude.’ The ‘nude’ most brands refer to is truly a beige or tan color. It’s never suitable for many black women that simply desire a nude lip for their own deep complexion. “For nudes to be the most simple look, finding the right shade can be complex,” says TLB’s Owner and CEO, Melissa Butler. Our exact sentiments. She instructs, “First, you want to look at the deepest areas of your face like your chin and or forehead – this will tell you how deep the shade should be. Then it’s up to you to decide if you prefer a more pink or brown nude. For women of color with deep tones, I typically suggest a brown with hints of either red (warm look) or grey for that (frosted look). Fair skinned women often times go for pink (soft look).”

When you discover your perfect nude lip, the makeup options are limitless. We suggest always having a nude lip accessible in your makeup bag as it perfectly completes most looks. Butler shared how she likes to wear her make with a nude lip, “When I wear a nude lip, I keep it clean, I go for the ‘no makeup’ makeup look with soft concealer, warm blush and a soft highlight, no eye makeup but i pair all the subtleties with dramatic mascara. The mascara will add a bit of glam and bring this everyday look to life.
“My goal is for the lip bar to serve as that reminder that you are enough, you are beautiful, your skin tone, whatever that may be is valid here at the lip bar,” says Butler in a statement. Shop The Lip Bar’s nude collection here.


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