You don’t need a calendar to know that we’re smack dab in the middle of allergy season. Itchy and watery eyes are a telltale sign. It becomes even more obvious when you’re wearing mascara. A little pollen is all it takes for it to transfer from your eyelashes to your face, and it isn’t pretty.

When eyes come in contact with an allergen, the body releases histamine, which causes irritation that reduces allergy sufferers tears–the kind that causes mascara to run down (dart) your face. Thus, commences a perfectly good makeup look. Luckily, there’s a way to minimize the risk. If you’re allergy sensitive, make the switch to hypoallergenic mascaras. That’s just a fancy way to say that they’re free of irritants.

The best part is that most formulas are waterproof so your mascara will remain budge-proof. To see the best mascaras for defining your lashes and defying allergies, check out the gallery ahead.