We’re used to seeing women of Wonder Woman-like heights sauntering around the streets during New York Fashion Week. But the male models can get lost in the shuffle, blending in with all the other tall and lean men roaming the city. They’re typically not wearing the extravagant hair and makeup that the female models are wearing. And outside of New York Men’s Day, a good majority of the runways and presentations aren’t showcasing a ton of menswear.

But there are still plenty of men walking in fashion week, whether in menswear or womenswear, and they’re quite the attraction. There’s no denying that even in small numbers, they make an impact, bringing another layer of something to appreciate about fashion week outside of the collections. Most of the time, they’re just as pretty as the girls, with their own blowouts, curls, styled locs, and beat faces. And watching them get done up backstage is always fun—their foundation, eyeliner, and lip gloss being applied with precision.

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This season these models reminded us of why we hate to see them leave, but why love to watch them walk the runway.