Tessica Brown Has Launched A Line Of Hair Care Products

Tessica Brown made national headlines in February 2021 when she shared a TikTok video revealing she used Gorilla Glue as a hair-holding agent. Now, she’s taking her viral fame to the next level and launching a beauty line called TB Forever Hair.

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As shown on the site, Brown will produce hair growth stimulating oil and Forever Hold, a setting spritz that will keep hair in place. They are priced at $18 and $14, respectively.

The oil includes the following: black cumin seed oil, avocado oil, safflower oil and a blend of essential oil. It will promote scalp health, strengthen the hair, promote growth by heightening blood flow and slowing hair shedding. Meanwhile, the holding spray contains SDA-40 alcohol, de-ionized water, acrylates fragrance and more.

TMZ has also revealed that she will be sharing an edge control for $13. She worked with haircare professionals on the formula.

The products are inspired by the event we outlined earlier, which culminated in a plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael K. Obeng, creating a solution to remove the Gorilla Glue from her hair. He shared the details of the procedure with ESSENCE, saying “Due to the chemicals and the state the hair has been in, it will initially be damaged, but [Brown] will have hair. And it will continue to grow back.” He also noted that Brown will have to monitor the products she uses on her hair moving forward.

Dr. Obeng administered the solvent without cost, though Brown had initially crowdfunded to have the product professionally removed. She donated the funds to reconstructive surgery organizations and three families in need.

Read more about her donation on Essence Girls United here.

In addition to hair products, Brown’s site hosts the following merchandise: hoodies, sweatshirts and tees that read, “Bonded for Life.” The line is currently sold out.

To shop Brown’s newest products, head to her site here.


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