The moment you meet Tarriona “Tank” Ball, it’s abundantly clear that the lead singer of Tank and the Bangas is just as unforgettable as her music. The 31-year-old radiates confidence in her melodic poetry as well as her rich and virtually flawless complexion.

“I feel so lucky to represent brown girls, because I feel as though we are disappearing in the media,” she explains.

The New Orleans native credits the women of her hometown for teaching her how to show up boldly in the world.

I grew up with sisters, DARK-SKINNED SISTERS who always told me I was BEAUTIFUL.

“It was the way they wore their natural hair, their big earrings and colorful clothes; the way they put stuff together; and the way they were always encouraging you,” she says.

Tank is spreading that same affirming energy as she tours the globe and reminds the world that Black is—and will always be—beautiful.