Most folks might attend the New York Fashion Week runway shows for the clothes and the celebrity front row sightings, but for me it’s all about the beauty. That includes all the creative nail designs we expect to see from brands like JINsoon, Essie, Dashing Diva, Zoya, CND, Kiss and more. Much of what we see on these runways will inspire the colors and nail art that will make their way into magazines, music videos, and red carpets in the coming months.

Some brands went all out with 3D embellishments, unique adornments, and colorful designs. For others it was about updating classics with new elements and playing with colors. But not every look had to be over the top. A handful of teams kept it simple, focusing more on rich colors on perfectly manicured hands than promoting new nail art. All in all, they were beautiful and complementary for melanin rich skin.

Check out some of the brands below who nailed it with their colors and designs.

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