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15 Spooky Inspired Nails That Are Making Us Excited For Halloween

These nails tech make scary still look glam and pretty.

Oversized pumpkins are being sold everywhere. Cobwebs and skeleton decorations are adorning houses. It’s safe to say that Halloween fever is upon us. And while makeup artists are posting their tutorials on how to do your best costume makeup, we’re checking out all the nail techs inspiring us with spooky themed nails to get us into the holiday spirit.

The usual blood splatter, witch claws, and bloody eyeball nails have made their way into the collective, while new designs, including our dear friend Penny Wise, are extremely popular this year. Apparently folks want to float too. But even with the creepy subjects and sentiments of these spooky themed nails, they still manage to make scary look glam and pretty.

And if you’re not as skilled as these artists, you can still participate. Brands like SinfulColors and Dashing Diva have spooky themed nail collections so you can get the looks at home with press-ons or stickers. No skill required.

Spooky Themed Nails To Get You In The Halloween Spirit