4 Luxurious Spa Destinations With Next Level Saunas

Reduce inflammation and increase blood flow at any of these plush locations! 

Nykia Spradley Apr, 11, 2017

Findings from the 2017 Global Wellness Summit reveal that while the number of destinations cropping up is vast, the services are even more so, with lineups that satisfy pretty much every interest. So whether you’re looking to unwind solo or are up for more communal calming, the hardest part will be narrowing down your choices.


If you’re not into going it alone, mega sweat lodges—or social “amphitheater” and “hangout” saunas—are redefining the hot-box spa staple. Some even mimic the European craze sauna aufguss, in which sauna meisters conduct theatrical performances of song and dance while you perspire in paradise. If the outdoors is more your speed, treatments done in the heart of nature bring a whole new meaning to the word glamping. Customization (a practice we’re seeing across the beauty arena) has also made its way to the spa world with treatment add-ons that ensure a personalized experience for everyone. Add hot stones to your massage or cupping therapy, in which special pods are placed on the skin to create a suction and help alleviate pain, reduce inflammation and increase blood flow. Check them out below! 

This feature originally appeared in the April 2017 Issue of ESSENCE Magazine.

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If an international spa adventure isn't on your radar this year, the stunning backdrops of the Southwest and Red Rock Canyon are a road trip away.

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Customize a brightening facial to help clear up dark spots. Or go au naturel with the Organic Ocean facial, which uses seaweed extract to pump antioxidants into the skin.

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This urban sweat lodge offers infrared sauna sessions to help detox the body. One 45-minute session can burn upward of 600 calories and stimulate collagen production to reduce wrinkles.

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Take a dip in the indoor–outdoor saltwater immersion pool or savor a nature-based massage, surrounded by the southern glacial waters of Payette Lake, tucked away in the Idaho forest. And if you can't make it to any of these spas, covet the following products for a luxurious at-home experience! 

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