How to Dye Your Natural Hair Solange-Inspired Blonde Without Destroying Your Curl Pattern
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As the temperature dips and the seasons transition from summer happy hours to pumpkin spice lattes, there’s always an inevitable itch to do something new with our look — mainly our hair. And while it usually takes us weeks of endless scrolling, really trolling, on the ‘gram to pick our new fall hair color thanks to Solange, that’s not the case. Bright blonde is offcially the fall hair color! Not quite platinum, not really honey this color is a fresh spin on blonde tresses. And while a few of our staffers are itching to take the plunge, we’re proceeding with caution. Dyeing your natural hair is scary, especially when it involves a multi-step process. So to help us do things the right way, Ro Morgan and Vernon François, gave us the lowdown on how to go #solangeblonde (that’s what we’re calling it) without destroying our curl pattern. It’s a Commitment!  First things first, coloring your hair is a commitment. Not just the actual process, more on that later, but also the maintenance post-color. “Coloring can definitely damage your hair, but there are ways to manage the damage. Such as diligently conditioning strands, getting trims and sleeping with hair in a silk cap to prevent breakage,” says Vernon. Ro also notes that this type of dye job should be left to the professionals; so no at home dye jobs ladies. “If you color your natural hair, especially if it’s not done by a professional, you can damage your hair,” he says. Prepare for Multiple Steps  Contrary to popular belief, bleach isn’t always necessary for achieving blonde strands. According to Vernon, a good tint and the right toner can be just as effective as bleach. Book an appointment for a consultation to determine exactly which shade of blonde (a warmer or cooler tone) truly complements your skin, he suggests. As for the dye job itself, Ro believes it’s safest to color natural hair in stages. “It could take months of dyes in lighter shades and most people need at least three salon visits to become truly blonde,” he says. So if you want to be #solangeblonde in time for sweater-weather, we suggest you book your hair appointment stat.
A Few Things to Consider…  Both stylits agree that all textures, from 3a to 3c, can go blonde but it’s more important to consider the health of your hair before taking the plunge. Vernon suggests “de-braiding hair and waiting a few weeks before coloring it to strengthen and regain strand health.” Also, implement lots of protein treatments and masks (this one from Briogeo is amazing!) to get your hair in tip-top shape in the weeks leading up to your appointment. You Went For it, Now What? Since our hair is typically drier and more prone to breakage, proper maintenance is key to helping the color last and ensuring your curl pattern stays intact. Both experts agree, that the right products can make all the difference. So, invest in a great color shampoo and conditioner like R&Co’s Gemstone Color Shampoo. A weekly deep conditioner, like Vernon’s WHIPPED~Deep Conditioner, is also super important. Something else to consider? Wash your hair less often and be super gentle when you do, since colored hair is bit weaker Vernon reminds. We can’t wait to see how how you take on #solangeblonde this fall!

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