Chrissy Teigen’s Stretch Mark Solution is Super Luxe
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Chrissy Teigen, supermodel and known lover of giant cheese wheels, is expecting her first child with John Legend, which means her body is going through some changes (don’t worry it’s still a wonderland — just a changing wonderland).

Pregnancy puts women through some pretty huge physical hurdles, from weight gain to insane hair growth, to (sigh) stretch marks. Many women try to avoid these pesky scars by rubbing lotion or coconut oil on their growing stomachs, and Chrissy is no exception.

“I love how I’ve gone about my whole stretch-mark lotion routine,” she tells Cosmopolitan. “I am so lucky that I have a relationship with La Mer, because I lather this stuff on. It is no joke. I wanted to make sure I did it because I am a stretch-mark girl, so I knew that I would get it pretty badly. I wanted to make sure I started it before I started noticing them. So every single day — it’s about 15 to 20 minutes of my day — I sit and just rub this La Mer.”

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Chrissy uses La Mer’s Concentrate (buy it here), which isn’t actually made for the entire belly: “It is meant to just dab on specific spots because it’s basically liquid gold. And I have found myself lathering it on me.”

Hey, when a girl gets free La Mer products, she puts them to good use. “It’s the most luxurious thing I do in my entire life,” Chrissy says. “So I do that and then I do a layer of their body cream and then I’ll actually pick it out from under my fingernails, that’s how liquid gold it is, and put that part on my face. I do not spare a drop.”

Note to everyone: There is secret La Mer hiding behind your fingernails. Use it.

This article originally appeared on MIMI.