We all know that laser hair removal isn’t new, but in my world it is, and it’s pretty life changing. For quite some time the permanent hair removal method couldn’t be used on our skin because of the way the lasers work: It targets pigment in the hair and basically zaps it away. After a few sessions, the hair follicle is killed off so hair no longer grows from it. In the past, lasers couldn’t isolate just the pigment in the hairs, so if it came in contact with melanin in the skin it would blast that as well, which you definitely do not want.

The invention of nd:Yag lasers has given skin of color the ability to be hair free as well. Unlike it’s predecessor, the nd:YAG has a longer wavelength, meaning it goes deeper, bypassing the skin and zapping only the hair follicles beneath the skin.

So now that all of the technical stuff is out of the way, let’s talk about the process itself. I had my first hair removal treatment done at Beam Laser Spa in NYC. After my first session I realized that the setting is crucial. Much like waxing, you want to be in as soothing an environment as possible. Beam has that spa like feel and incredibly friendly staff that makes the entire experience feel as comforting as a relaxing massage.

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Once you have your hair removal plan in place (you’ll literally draw out exactly what you want your end results to look like), the actual process takes about 10 minutes depending on the area. Full disclosure, it does hurt a bit, and more in some places than others. It was described to me as the feeling of someone plucking you with a rubber band–that’s exactly what it feels like. There’s no lingering pain, it’s literally for the moment. There are various pre and post precautions to keep in mind like limited sun exposure and avoiding hot showers, but In the end you’re hair free and it’s completely worth it. For effective results you’ll probably need 12 sessions (depending on area), which can run you about $2,400. 

Have you tried it? Is it something you’re considering? Tell us below!