Tracee Ellis Ross Gives Up Her Sacred Beauty Secrets
Steve Granitz

Tracee Ellis Ross’s juicy curls secret has been out since she launched her hair care line Pattern earlier this fall. But the actress pulled back the [shower] curtain in a recent Vogue YouTube video where she gave a close look at her curl routine, and spilled more tea on her skincare process.

In this guide to going curly and foundation free, our girl breaks it down product by product, including her Pattern leave-in conditioner, which she calls “the holy grail of all holy grails,” and Pattern hair serum to finish off her curls.

“I could chronicle my journey of self love and self acceptance through my journey with my hair,” the A-lister said.

The thing that comes across the most is Ross’s ability to make you feel like she’s a close personal friend. She’s that goofy girlfriend who manages to always look her best even though she keeps it simple. She’s possibly the only actress who can joke about cold blue balls feeling so good against her face. And she’s so lovable that you don’t feel an ounce of envy basking in her glow, because there’s always enough light for both of you.

“My beauty routine is more about how I feel rather than how it transforms me into some version of myself that I can’t keep up with,” she continued. “I’m not a big makeup girl. I’ve got a lot of hair and a lot of personality. There’s not a ton of makeup for me.”

In spite of not being big on makeup, Ross does share her no-fuss makeup routine after putting on five layers of skincare products. She even shows how to do a near-professional mod-style Twiggy lash.

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And three big takeaways from the video are that getting enough sleep is important (Ross gets 8 hours a night), little coffee and alcohol intake are helpful for vibrant skin, and that it’s helpful not to sweat the small stuff. One of the best parts of the video is when she refers to wrinkles around the eyes as gentle situations. And she’s proud of the situations she’s earned. So she doesn’t try to cover them up, hence no concealer or foundation.

“Some people spend time putting on makeup, I spend time hydrating my skin,” she said.

The black-ish star was also generous enough to share the exact products that she uses to achieve her flawless face. Some are splurges, but many are affordable products that we’ve all come to love, and use often.

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